Saturday, September 03, 2011

Plein Air meet at British Camp, Malvern.

Another meeting of the UK plein Air Society proved a very enjoyable day, blessed with great weather. After starting the meet with a coffee together at the British Camp Hotel, catching up, and getting aquainted with new members etc., we climbed, recovered our breath(!),  and painted towards the North first, with  a view one of the peaks above Malvern Town  ( the town is below the peak to the right and out of the picture)
We'd all set up first on the NE side looking  towards the Beacon peak.  Peter Cronin - foreground, Roy Wilkinson - far left, Anthony Bridge - far right, GlynisDray -  has just been checking progress on the others and heading back to her easel,
 Moving round the ramparts, a longish walk to the South showed another stunning view from the Black Mountains and round towards Cheltenham and Gloucester.  At the new site, I always seem to be the last to settle and start painting, with the wide choice of open vista. I could see rain towards the Black Mountains so turned my back to that to include the southern tip of the hills;  this painting is a bit literal but I couldn't resist adding colleagues at their work; Roy Wilkinson and  Anthony Bridge, perched against the skyline. . We could see rain in the north, felt  a few scattered drops but the raincloud barely missed us and I heard they's had a good downpour in Malvern. Lucky - it is very exposed on the hill.
My easel, just before packing up at 4.50pm,  the models (posing for free) had long gone for coffee at the hotel a mile or so below so I had to hurry to catch up.


  1. Hola! it's me. Been catching up with your new paintings, stories and photos, very amusing and very you! the stories that is. Liked your paintings very much especially the Malvern one with fellow artists on the top left corner, I really like when you put people in your pictures. You have to paint a 'completely blue sky' one next time though oe else will have to take you to Granada! Besos, Montse

  2. Hola. Gracias por su visita. Well it was a change and bit of fun to add fellow painters though it makes the painting a bit lobsided. Still, composition rules can be broken at times. At least the models sit still for a good while.
    Yes I'd like to paint the sky over Granada again, having already done a couple there, though there were some clouds, but i enjoy doing them. I might well plan another visit there, and enjoy more sun :-)

  3. Great work Andrew - You really captured the atmosphere of the place well - I wish I was there!

  4. Hey thanks Valerie, Yes pity you couldn't be there but there'll be another time I'm sure.