Sunday, October 19, 2014

the Lake Shearwater near Longleat Estate. I lost the light and had to quit,  so some bright fresh leaves needing to be added hanging in the middle from the RH tree. I particularly liked the tangled root stretching toward me. I ought to  get round to adding those leaves still ....

Sketch book below, planning the composition, and making notes  for  a drawing lesson I was giving the following day.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Chalk Stack at Broadstairs

This column of chalk has great character; at Botany Bay, one of the most  Eastern edge of Britain, recently visited but long way from where I live.  I'd love to do  a painted series of it to track light changes through the day. 'Chalk Stack' instead of 'Haystack'  (re: Monet :). Perhaps a projecct for the future ( if enlarged you can probalby see some sea-sand grains on the paint surface)

Below, a very speedy  10-15 minute sketch done after the first

Monday, December 16, 2013

A new window, just made for  Barnados Fund Charity HQ in Wiltshire.

 The new Chapel (this is a simulation, it isn't installed yet)

My Client asked me to try to use an idea like John Pipers Baptistry Window in Coventry Cathedral as a starting point. "A burst of light".  A challenge if ever there was one as that is 81ft high and comprises 195 panels.  (see below). I think the architect was pretty brave designing a wall like that in the first place.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Hooray! Just heard this painting won the "Purchase Prize" in the  Oexmann Painting Competition /Exhibition which is a biennial event, held at Devizes Museum.   The exhibition will be hung in the Museum Gallery and  runs from 28th October....
(it is encouraging to get one's work officially noticed from time to time._

This painting below that was done first, over two consecutive days. In fact I laboured a bit over this, all those random stacks, getting them roughly in the right position, (missing out some as well) - painting in the dense Copper Beech was a bonus, I love those trees but it's not easy to find  a good position to paint them as being rather ornamental they are usually on private land. I had to  put the Pylon in, these march everywhere across the landscape in Wiltshire.
The farm owner lady came by to say hello, and complimented me, saying she thought it looked 'Beautiful'. I didn't want to tell her of my doubts on that.  Then feeling slightly buoyed up by  her positive words, as I was about to pack up but  I though I ought do a fast one of a stack, so got stuck in painting the one above very freely and fluidly, and it was soon done.
I wish It was always that quick and easy. 

Below - Another painting with characteristic pylon - entered in the same exhibition 2 years ago. It was painted at the end of February, there was a morning frost, but as the weak sun penetrated the thinning cloud, the light was beautifully delicate, and  it felt like a hint of Spring, after a long unusually cold winter..

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Princes Bridge & St Mary Radcliffe spire, Bristol Dock

 The paintnigs below were made specifically and entered for the Bristol Art Prize 2013
The light was often so interesting, but changeable I therefore decided to do two frame together and show them as a Diptych. 

  I quickly blocked in the basics sitting at the harbour  ......
.... and nearly got blown into the water, and all the equipment too  during the second sitting the following day,

These received a "Highly Commended" tag, but sadly that doesn't come with a useful ££Prize.
However congratulations to the winners, there were some worthy paintings.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bristol Dock,

Bristol Dock, with Princes Bridge in the distance, my designated place in the Bristol Art Prize 2013 competition. This is quite large for a plein air painting - 34" x 18" (86cmx46cm). I spent three good sessions there
There a re still bits to improve though it has just been uploaded, submitted to the competition . Competitions are a weird process. Still, worth a try....

Sunday, September 08, 2013


This  180deg scenic view is comprised of five photographs stitched together - taken from the escarpment of Salisbury plain, from Redhorn Hill above Urchfont. It was  a slow moving scene,  so I tried to paint it but at the same timeI realized my puny 14" x 10" painting  board would not capture the grandure. I'd only just managed to get a little of the scene downbefore being  driven to shelter by  a stormy downpour. .
The result is I've bought more 3mm ply and have cut much longer format boards for future works i.e 30" x 10", Hoping I can capture something worthwhile on them   .......

Visit the larger version here on Flickr

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Straw bales over Little Cheverall

Catching the late summer sun ....

 an evening or two later.