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Friday, July 19, 2013


Spent  a good couple of hours with Tom Hughes painting the Gorge from near Clifton Suspension Bridge.
The second work from that vantage point. The light had been good but  went a bit flat in the late afternoon.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Bristol Plein Air Meet -


Above Wayne AttwoodTom Hughes and Valerie Pirlot at work. It was  a stunning view working against the light.
Several of us met 'under the PAS Umbrella', in Bristol for the day on Saturday 29th Sept. (Thanks for reminding me Valerie)
I'd been very busy but decided to make the day out. It was a bright sunny day and perfect for the occasion. I arrived about  noon, a little late, just as people were putting finishing touches on their paintings of the Supension Bridge.
I did a rushed piece of the bridge view, but that needs a little more attention before I decide to post it. Sometimes rushed pieces are great, but this one perhaps not. In the afternoon we worked facing the North view.

It was  a great day, good company and cameraderie,  exchanging valuable painting and equipment tips  .......
i.e. Valerie's versatile adjustable painting transporter, and Tom's credit card paint scraper - ingenious. We ended up in a nearby pub in Clifton Village (having missed the last coffee shop) to discuss the day and agreed we should it again before too long.
Will try to add more photos later ....................

Monday, January 31, 2011

Bristol Harbour

My second painting of the day.  A bit of Bristol Harbour with the spire of St Mary Redcliffe in the background. I only had left a few minutes to speedily complete the foreground water, then realised it was the most interesting bit, like clouds, forever changing - I should have tackled it earlier. Perhaps I'll get back there and do more there. Here is another water painting done a while ago, the River Avon in Woodford Valley, near Salisbury
Painters at work. Smile please!:-)
From the left; Valerie Pirpot, Glynis Dray and Anthony Bridge.

Bristol University Music Department

Started the day with the first meeting of the UK Pochard Group in Bristol.   After a coffee and introductions we all set off and worked around here for a bit.  I took longer at the task whilst others went to find new subject matter. Then  four of us met later and painted the harbour to finish the day. We were blessed with a glorious  and sunny, though pretty cold day, below freezing to start. My first experience painting with a group and it was a very positive one and enjoyable.
A view of the painting in progress

Liszt Totentanz