Monday, January 31, 2011

Bristol University Music Department

Started the day with the first meeting of the UK Pochard Group in Bristol.   After a coffee and introductions we all set off and worked around here for a bit.  I took longer at the task whilst others went to find new subject matter. Then  four of us met later and painted the harbour to finish the day. We were blessed with a glorious  and sunny, though pretty cold day, below freezing to start. My first experience painting with a group and it was a very positive one and enjoyable.
A view of the painting in progress

Liszt Totentanz 


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  1. Andrew, I cannot tell you how VERY pleased I am to have found your blog! Your plein air paintings are an absolute inspiration and each one that I view invokes an emotional response (usually me feeling sorry for myself because I can't paint a tiny fraction as well as you). I also loved your video showing you painting outdoors - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE more videos :-)