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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Antequera, in Andalucia, Spain

ANTEQUERA below...... Andalucia, is said to be the cradle of FLAMENCO music so here's a lively sample.

Antequera is a pretty small 'White' city in the centre of Andalucia. About 1 km from the outskirts is an extraordinary mountain which looks like sleeping giant's head in the right light. Not quite so in this painting, either because the light wasn't right or my drawing imperfect. I suspect a bit of both but it was a hastily executedy work as time was limited, with M reading and waiting in the car. Initially I wasn't going to include the mountain, concentrating on certain cloud formations, but then decided I had to - so I'm glad I did.

Enjoy some virtuosic Spanish music to create the right 'Ambiente' (atmosphere) - una "BULERIAS" con guitarra