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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Evening skies with jet trails over the village of Market Lavington

These eight paintings were done "en plein air", sitting in the tailgate of my car, at the end of May into June 2011 (posted some then). Some were done on consecutive days within about two weeks, when we had  a beautiful period of calm warm weather with still evening skies. Practically there were always jet trails hanging motionless, or being drawn across the sky as I watched. Sizes are 8" x 5" in the main thought the first three were of slightly different height sizes, using offcuts, till I realised suddenly that I should standardise sizes and create a series.
Now I'm trying to decide how to display them, in groups of three, or four or singley. I quite like the set of three or four as it gives rise to the idea of 'time passing', and possibly 'film', that almost old fashion medium (with sprocket holes), much superceded by video format.

 One has to work very fast  to get the paint down as the sky is changing swiftly all the time. So these probably took half an hour on average . It is really difficult to be sure as I always forget to check the time. Sometimes I'd get there and wait a bit  to summon the energy; sitting, contemplating  till it  felt 'right' to start (better late then never), sometimes weary(or lazy) and mesmerised by  the splendour and drama of it all. Then urge myself into action working, against the clock to beat the fading light, till I can't see the colours I'm mixing - it can feel rather futile trying to attempt this.(once or twice I didn't even get going)

  Often I'll  listen to music a walkman, Bach piano sonatas/partitas are good, they seem to stop out other thoughts and interruptions, helping  the mind (and paint) to flow -  the melody lines interweaving, stir feelings and energy, somehow relating to interweaving evolving cloud patterns.

Bach Partita no2

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Market Lavington, evening skies, with jet trails

Some recent evening skies from White Street Hill, at the edge of Salisbury Plain Escarpment - there's a great view North towards Devizes Bath and Chippenham. These paintings  have to be done at speed, the sky changing in minutes, in seconds even, and in five minutes can look totally different. So one arrives at an approximation of what one has seen over the brief time but really it is an attempt to try to catch the sensations of light.  It's interesting now these are laid out together, I can see certain effects working or not working so I might make minor changes to improve them.

No5.  This time used prussian blue in the lower landscape which  packs  a punch when it comes to rendering the  dark shadows.

No4 (below) One distant jet trail to the right of the sun.
No3 (below) 

No2 below) 


Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Evening view towards Penarth Headland over Cardiff Bay waters.

Another good day with the UK Pochade Society. After paintng in the town all day we went to see the water at Cardiff Bay and decided to have one last paint.  The beautiful golden pink under glow of the clouds quickly  faded as the sun sank away and as we started work - but pressing on painted this at hi-speed in about 15-20 mins, then any useful light faded and I then couldn't see the palette any more. I really do need to get a head lamp.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cherhill, evening view towards Calne

.......driving back form Calne, the sky began to change from bland to very beautiful and the evening lights were coming on.  So somehow I found a convenient layby and managed a to paint sitting in the car, very uncomfortable, till the light faded too much for me to see the colours.
Oil on gessoed board.
8.5" x 7" approx.