Sunday, August 14, 2011

Malvern Hills from Sink Farm Lane

About 5.00 pm Saturday at Sink Farm, Hangmans Lane, Hanley Castle. About twenty  cows surrounded me at the start (quite intimidating!!), but they soon got bored watching and wandered off towards the barns and vanished, milking time. I went back for an hour today . The sky was somewhat different, however reworking a bit the next day certainly helps to consolidate the piece. Painting into the sun creates its problems, with light changing by the minute but I was trying a system of mixed optical grey, it tends to restrain the colour so works well in this instance as the colour gets bleached out in this type of lighting situation with the sun popping in and out of the clouds.


  1. Hi there Andrew!... This is a lovely panoramic landscape displaying the same truthful earthiness of my personal favourite..."Salibury Plain From the West".

    Those intimidating cows!...Don't they put you off slightly...HA HA! Always something on location!

    If you employ the process shown in the Salisbury posting in a quick outdoor demo for students. Most will pick up quickly on your process and achieve real success quickly... and without much instruction... just some tips.The trick is to keep the format small and the subject obvious.

    By all means give it a try Andrew! You will come away with sowe new strategies for dealiong with plein air yourself...cow control! HA HA!!

    Good Painting!
    Waremst regards,

  2. Thanks Bruce,
    Actually I quite like the cows visiting and have had several such visits. Once they nosed and nibbled my elbow and then one ate my oil rag when I'd looked away. The thought that if one of them got in a bad mood it could easily squash one like a tube of oil pigment keeps me wary of taking them for granted. I remember hearing with shock about Simon Combes, a very experienced wildlife painter who had been killed by a Cape Buffalo in Africa, one of his favourite subjects. ( See news report: )
    Thank goodness for good natured cows.