Monday, September 12, 2011

The Allottments, Sion Hill, Bath

A beautiful peaceful view. Enjoyed my visits there, meeting people coming and going with their gardening tools, baskets to collect their produce, fruit and veges etc. I had to get those sunflowers in :-):-)
This painting is featured along with others, on the promotional brochure for the Bath Prize 2011


  1. Beautiful painting Andrew! I'd love to go back there and paint that point of view. This really remind me of Peter Brown's one which is exactly from the same spot and has exactly the same colours!

    See here

    I think you're in a good chance to win the Bath prize if you enter this one!

  2. Thanks Valerie, but don’t temp fate by saying that. I’m sure PB won’t vote for it if he thinks it is like his. I was aware he’d done one there (well he’s done one nearly everywhere in Bath) so I made sure I was standing in a different place. His is a much wider format too. I would have liked to have gone further in but stayed near the gates in case I got locked in. A lovely peaceful place to paint and one isn’t much bothered by hoards of tourists, only friendly locals/gardeners - they were no bother at all.