Tuesday, April 12, 2011

View down John St From Trim St., about 4.00pm. Someone parked a car on the RH  half way though, it's rear end  blocking part of the view which made life awkward! I decided not to to paint it in. (Oil on Panel 10" x 12")


  1. Lovely painting Andrew! You really gave the real feel for the place as I can recognise straight away where it is. I bet that car blocking your view was the bloody "butter pad" sandwich van! Just a few days ago I was exactly at the same spot doing a quick sketch of the exact same view during my lunch hour when that van parked there and blocked the whole view;)

  2. That is funny! Actually t was a tourists silver car, with foreign people (I'm sure they weren't Belgian) extracting bags and suitcases - the man sort of uttered weedy apology then vanished before I could reply.
    Doesn't life happen fast at times when you're painting, The car behind the lamp post in my painting - it was there for over an hour, then thought I'll paint it in now. As if by prompted by telepathy, the engine and blinker started, I drew and painted at gt speed for a few seconds, and it drove off. C'este la vie! I should like to see your sketch if you feel inclined to blog it.

  3. Very nice painting, you really captured the light. I love the architecture you have in the UK. So different from what we have in Texas

  4. Just beautiful!
    your story reminds me of painting boats. As soon as you begin....off they go ;)

  5. Hi Andrew, good to meet you in Bath the other day, and I checked out Jonathan's site too. Excellent.
    I worked in Trim Street for ten or more years, so I know the view well. I used to get mad when lorry drivers parked in front of me, now I just laugh and include them. Mostly! Chris

  6. Hi Val. I did go back to do a bit more and a large white BT Van parked in front, just as I was nearing the end thankfully. It is double yellow lines so one could be very mean and summon a warden.
    Thanks Douglas, Yes Bath is pretty splendid and unique architecturally speaking - I'm sure Texas would be quite different.
    Thanks Mary, I've not painted boats yet but I must have a go sometime, and I'll be forewarned.