Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My painting of Sherbourne Street, Bourton -on-the-water (Looking south towards the centre). Oil on Panel 10" x 14". 

Members of  the British Pochade Society, congregating on street corner of Rectory Lane, deciding where to set up for painting the town.  It was Easter Sunday so not many of us turned up but the sun shone and we set to work. Unfortunately I didn't  get any more suitable photos of people in action.


  1. I love that one Andrew! Lovely lines and composition. Great work!

  2. Thanks Valerie, I took the easier option and found a quiet corner to paint (remembering the interruption experience in Cardiff!). It took longer to do than usual as I'd forgotten some useful bits to help me along. Then I was a little startled how it turned out, quite 'pretty', but it is a very charming village so I guess that's OK.

  3. Oow my, Ant is full armour!!

    What a thread to see him in full action again.

    * going back to stroll through your wonderful blog again now!*