Thursday, April 07, 2011

Paint out in Oxford

For our third meeting the UK Plein Air Society met to start the day at a coffee shop in the High Street. Oxford. It was the day the clocks changed so getting there effectively an hour early was a challenge.
I chose to do this view of the High Street and afterwards thought I might have made a more interesting composition, this one being is so linear. Also all those bay windows did my head in for a while. The blossom tree was such an attraction.

The easel on site  in the High Street
 I had to leave early so didn't have chance to do another piece, but here is a shot of other industrious painters. Roy Connelly, Valérie Pirlot painting the same spire in Turl Steet.
Click to enlarge .....

and David Pilgrim ..............

Also one of Glynis Dray below, doing a fine watercolour in the High Street, obviously enjoying herself.


  1. Great drawing skills for that painting Andrew! You were really brave painting such a complex thing indeed. I'm still finishing my Oxford paintings but hoping to post them soon. ps: by the way my name is "Pirlot", not "Pierlot" ;)

  2. Thanks Valerie. This one didn't feel a great success, a bit stogy and hampered by too much detail, and the thought of leaving early. Still one learns from the practice. (Sorry I got Pirlot wrong).