Wednesday, August 23, 2006

St Brides Bay

ST BRIDES BAY (Pembrokshire)
Painted this from Broad Haven beach, looking into the sun, pretty blinding and my glasses Reacto lenses went very dark giving me false colours - so had to paint a lot without the glasses. Rather disorientating. Waves need more practise, they're a bit static here.
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  1. Wonderful painting! I like everything about it... great composition and I think the colours are beautiful. And you painted it without your glasses!

    I have never been to St Brides Bay so I will add it to the list of places to visit.

  2. Hi,Lesley,
    Thanks for the encouraging words. Maybe I don't need glasses so much - they were on top of my head so I could lower them to check now and then!
    Actually I've mislead you, it is a painting of cliffs at 'Broadhaven' in St Brides Bay. St Brides is that large bay South of St Davids down to Haverfordwest and Skomer Island on the Southern Tip. I've corrected that on my page now. (St Brides Haven, getting towards the Skomer end is a rather uninspiring inlet.)If you ever go down that way, go to the Deer Park at Martins Haven, overlooking Wild Goose Straits towards Skomer Island. Have never seen deer there, only wild ponies but its a wonderful place.

  3. hi Andrew,i'm very impressed with your plein air's,the colors are rich yet muted and the compositions are great too!
    isn't the pembrokeshire coast amazing !? painting heaven!!!

  4. I wish I could paint. We've stayed in Broad Haven and the next bay round, Nolton Haven several times. Absolute heaven. Your painting is great, captures it extremely well. Next time we visit I might venture out with some water colours. Had them for a while but never had the courage to use them!! Pembnrokeshire is my escape from the rest of the world.

  5. Thanks Di, Yes Pembrokshire takes some beating.
    You really should try doing the watercolours. If you want, I can give you details of where to get lovely Russian paints which are very good value and good for a beginner.