Thursday, August 31, 2006

Evening clouds over Cheverell
Had trouble deciding which direction to set up the easel, everything looked so interesting. Chose south west, a quick burst of painting as evening drew in. Got pretty cool in the wind and regretted wearing sandals! Then my bike had a puncture so had to walk home, lucky it wasn't far.
Oil on panel . 30 x 25cm.


  1. This painting reminds me of some of work of "Constable" I love his work and yours has a wonderful movement and feel.

    I like to link to your blog from my blog if thats OK. let me know.

  2. i Shanti
    Thanks for your comment. Yes this one could be seen as Constable like, he used to do quick sky sketches and colours are similarly muted. Odd how differently paintings come out, compared to my previous one.
    I've been enjoying your work, nice and free. I'll visit again.

  3. Wow! This is such a powerful painting. There's a real energy to it. The atmosphere is just oozing out of it! Great work!!

    I couldn't help but laugh when I read about your sandals and your puncture :-D Exactly the same thing happened to me when I went out on my bike, sketching. I had to wait at the nearest pub for my other half to come and rescue me. It was a good excuse for a g&t!

  4. really like the mood in this Andrew,summer's over allready!
    love the threatening sky,you were lucky to keep it dry on the way

  5. Thanks lesley, :-D One has to laugh at such misfortune - you sure you didn't let it down on purpose to get that G&T? Still haven't fixed my bike but I've bought the repair-kit. Such super weather, I hope to get out there again at the weekend, committed to other work at the moment.

  6. Hi Rob,
    Yes lucky or unlucky, there wasn't a pub on the way home so that kept my palette dry! Great weather, just wish I could conjure myself back to Pembrokshire for a couple of days.