Sunday, November 01, 2020

Spring under lockdown, a totally new experience.

Painting the Hawthorne blossom along the escarpment road on Salisbury Plain

Last year the Hawthorn blossoms were exceptional. Every spring is so busy I am always rushing past them but  last year I vowed I'd take a week off to paint some. Little did I know what was around the corner with total lockdown when one couldn't do more than a short 1 hour exercise and not drive to any location. Still the lockdown came to an end before the blossoms had faded and I managed to  I managed to  do some, and and also painted in the garden.

Painted from Salisbury Plain, facing west, a view of Roundway hill, the scene of a civil wall battle, can be glimpsed  between the bushes. 

Facing North, over the vale of Pewsey

View from the Easel

Cow drinking in shade under s tree between Little and Great Cheverell

Cherry Blossom in the garden next door to mine

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