Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Hooray! Just heard this painting won the "Purchase Prize" in the  Oexmann Painting Competition /Exhibition which is a biennial event, held at Devizes Museum.   The exhibition will be hung in the Museum Gallery and  runs from 28th October....
(it is encouraging to get one's work officially noticed from time to time._
Corn Stooks

This painting below that was done first, over two consecutive days. In fact I laboured a bit over this, all those random stacks, getting them roughly in the right position, (missing out some as well) - painting in the dense Copper Beech was a bonus, I love those trees but it's not easy to find  a good position to paint them as being rather ornamental they are usually on private land. I had to put the Pylon in, these march everywhere across the landscape in Wiltshire.
The farm owner lady came by to say hello, and complimented me, saying she thought it looked 'Beautiful'. I didn't want to tell her of my doubts on that.  Then feeling slightly buoyed up by her positive words, as I was about to pack up but  I though I ought do a fast one of a stack, so got stuck in painting the one above very freely and fluidly, and it was soon done.
I wish It was always that quick and easy. 

Corn stooks, copper beech under pylons

Below - Another painting with characteristic pylon - entered in the same exhibition 2 years ago. It was painted at the end of February, there was a morning frost, but as the weak sun penetrated the thinning cloud, the light was beautifully delicate, and  it felt like a hint of Spring, after a long unusually cold winter..