Sunday, October 19, 2014

Trees at Shearwater Lake

the Lake Shearwater near Longleat Estate. I lost the light and had to quit,  so some bright fresh leaves needing to be added hanging in the middle from the RH tree. I particularly liked the tangled root stretching toward me. I ought to  get round to adding those leaves still ....

Sketch book below, planning the composition, and making notes  for  a drawing lesson I was giving the following day.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Chalk Stack at Broadstairs

This column of chalk has great character; at Botany Bay, one of the most  Eastern edge of Britain, recently visited but long way from where I live.  I'd love to do  a painted series of it to track light changes through the day. 'Chalk Stack' instead of 'Haystack'  (re: Monet :). Perhaps a projecct for the future ( if enlarged you can probalby see some sea-sand grains on the paint surface)

Below, a very speedy  10-15 minute sketch done after the first