Saturday, September 22, 2012

At present I am involved in set design of  WHITE HORSE OPERA'S 2012 production of "La Traviata".
The director has set the time Circa 1910 Paris, and  a number of paintings, by well known Post Impressionist painters of the time, are being used to set the stage and mood of each scene.
Here's a little website made to keep track of our progress.
(You don't have to buy prints, it is just a good free site for displaying  images).

 The painting gang. Some are trained some are apprentice trainees. All have done very well and I'm proud of their progress, and ability.
Wylany and her mum Candi, Deavin, Nicole, Julia, Sophie and Dan.

Julia painting "The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt.

Katie and Simon painting "Hungerford Bridge" by Andre Derain

Nicole and Deavin, starting Van Gough's "Flower Garden with path"

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Working on a privatly commissioned panel at the moment , to convey something of the Spirit of "Wiltshire Landscape".    These clumps of trees are typical seen atop and around the Wiltshire Downs they are usually on ancient Bronze Age sites. I've added some standing stones, burial mounds, often seen in the landscape. 
(This is still unfired paint and the coloured glass is stuck up with beeswax, on a flat glass easel , for painting against the sky ). Black lines are painted behind the easel glass to simulate the lead between each piece.

 Close-up detail at lower part of the panel  with wheat, flora, water.
There's the remains of a Viking helmet under the water, reference to King Alfred beating the Viking Danes at Edington.
Some silver stain will add touches of gold and enhance the richness of the glass. i.e. fruit, helmet, wheat, primrose (might have all 4 seasons in this one) - Stain still to be fired on.

There might be  a few insects in the undergrowth if you look carefully :-) or are they in the other bit?