Monday, December 06, 2010

December, Hungerford, Berkshire

An unusual one for me. With 40 mins to wait for my neice, I thought I'd try a very quick 'town painting'. Got it all sketched out but really froze as there was snow about - I finished it back home - it seems to have too much detail. Never done cars before, interesting, they are full of reflections.
Very soon after I started painting a man arrived to enter the house right where I had set up the easel. "I have a watercolour painted with GIN inside" he told me, and explained that Edward Adrian Wilson had joined Robert Scott's team for the Antartic as 'expedition artist'. Apparently Wilson had used Navy forces gin (I thought they drank rum) to paint watercolours because water would have frozen!! Makes good sense, and very resourceful.
(About Wilson ..... )