Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My painting of Sherbourne Street, Bourton -on-the-water (Looking south towards the centre). Oil on Panel 10" x 14". 

Members of  the British Pochade Society, congregating on street corner of Rectory Lane, deciding where to set up for painting the town.  It was Easter Sunday so not many of us turned up but the sun shone and we set to work. Unfortunately I didn't  get any more suitable photos of people in action.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Capturing  the splendour of sun in the garden. A riot of  blossoms,  new leaves, branches throwing shadows on the old garden wall. in April. 18.5" x 10" oil on panel

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

View down John St From Trim St., about 4.00pm. Someone parked a car on the RH  half way though, it's rear end  blocking part of the view which made life awkward! I decided not to to paint it in. (Oil on Panel 10" x 12")

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Paint out in Oxford

For our third meeting the UK Plein Air Society met to start the day at a coffee shop in the High Street. Oxford. It was the day the clocks changed so getting there effectively an hour early was a challenge.
I chose to do this view of the High Street and afterwards thought I might have made a more interesting composition, this one being is so linear. Also all those bay windows did my head in for a while. The blossom tree was such an attraction.

The easel on site  in the High Street
 I had to leave early so didn't have chance to do another piece, but here is a shot of other industrious painters. Roy Connelly, ValĂ©rie Pirlot painting the same spire in Turl Steet.
Click to enlarge .....

and David Pilgrim ..............

Also one of Glynis Dray below, doing a fine watercolour in the High Street, obviously enjoying herself.