Monday, August 10, 2015

Painting Tintern Abbey

Yesterday the day felt different and I took myself off to the Wye Valley.  I've probably not been there for 10 years or more and a sudden yearning to do so has been popping insistently into my head for a couple of weeks, since I saw the program, "A great Welsh adventure" with Gryff Rees Jones, recently shown on TV.
It is very hard to find a clear view of the Abbey from this north side (despite it's size). This was painted from the fenced in footpath above the  field.across the river.  I eventually found  a gap  in the foliage growing up the wire fence.  Several people stopped to talk, and it was a very pleasant 2 hours spent there

As finished  on site .........

With  a bit more finishing once I got home .......

Showing start to end, development of the painting. ....
in progress

And a second visit the following week.
This was larger, on canvas and finished in more detail

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