Sunday, October 19, 2014

Trees at Shearwater Lake

the Lake Shearwater near Longleat Estate. I lost the light and had to quit,  so some bright fresh leaves needing to be added hanging in the middle from the RH tree. I particularly liked the tangled root stretching toward me. I ought to  get round to adding those leaves still ....

Sketch book below, planning the composition, and making notes  for  a drawing lesson I was giving the following day.


  1. HI there Andrew!... You have handily captured a piece of solitude in this painting with you painterly handling of this landscape. Though loose in some aspects... as a plein air piece should aim for... your overall composition demonstrates the same planning and strong structural elements of your beautiful glass art.

    A gem!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

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    1. Hi Bruce,
      thank you for your kind comment. This composition seemed to strongly suggest itself when I found that peaceful place to paint. (i've just replaced that photographed image with a scanned image so the colours are more true now).
      glasswork has been interrupting my painting so great to get out there when I can.
      Hope your work goes well.
      Best wishes