Wednesday, January 25, 2012


My latest project for the New Year has been to start some painting at Stourhead House and Gardens...... I was really wowed at the scale of the place, the lake, temples, grottos and wonderful woods etc.  The first day was fabulously sunny, then three subsequent days I got rained/hailed/snowed off. It is  a bit of a battle with the weather, trying not to make it personal!

  ABOVE  A rather 'zoomed in' view of the Pantheon Temple, catching the afternoon sun, I was painting from the steps of the Apollo Temple, then got rained off. There is a great view of the lake from the heights.

.... painting of the house ...... unfinished  ..... after two cold cloudy sessions. I'm just waiting for the sun to arrive again so I can introduce shadows and highlights to add interest to what could be  a flat looking winter scene. 
unfinished  ......  still in progress .... some sun please

View from behind the easel  - just trying to build a base of paint for when better light arrives  - will it work?

A quick sketch with a bright sun casting shadows on a very frosty beautiful  Monday morning.

Painted on the way home after being soaked by a heavy shower 


  1. Thanks Symphony. Hope you had a good trip (and New Year has started well for you).

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  3. Stourhead Houses and Gardens surely is a beautiful place. Its clearly illustrated on your paintings!