Wednesday, October 05, 2011

ST MARY Le STRAND, from the East (London)

Earlier version
This is a weeny painting (8" x 5" on panel) of  St Mary Le Strand which I did on a day in the capital a month ago, trying out a new mini Pochade box and I was determined to grab a bit of painting time that day. It was  a beautiful morning to start, with a food fair and loads of people enjoying along the South Bank. But 2hrs later, as is often the case in the UK, it clouded over as I prepared to paint, and a fine drizzle set in after a while so I had to stop (not having an umbrella to hand),  and I was running short of time but would like to have done a bit more. Now I quite like this loose unfinished look,  in contrast to the much larger 'Bath Guildhall' I just painted. I think that crane rig is hovering above the back of Somerset House, and the whiter patch left of the church is sunlight on the facades of the tall buildings along the Strand (where many of the buses are going). I have always been intending to do some finishing so maybe I should add a few more touches of paint to define this area.


  1. Stoooopppp!!!! Don't add anything, don't touch it! I love it like it is. This is probably one of my favourite painting of yours, maybe because I love this loose, "unfinished" look. Your colours are beautiful and I love the way you suggested those red buses. Great focal point with the light facade of the building and lovely colours in the sky. Please don't touch it!

  2. Ooh! Thanks Valerie,that's very kind. (I should get you to write my adverts :-)
    I'll try to keep off it and I could try any changes 'virtually' using photoshop.

  3. wow, it's beautiful, sir. i love how it makes me feel like i'm in the shade. you are amazing, i would buy this if i lived on your continent =)
    great job!