Sunday, December 09, 2007

Some of the incredible variety of bird life seen in South Africa, most were in the Kruger Park. Their songs are something one needs to hear, to believe. I bought a CD - "Birds of the Kruger National Park" Volume 1, there are 100 different bird sounds on it. There are 8 types of Cuckoo on this volume!
I don't know the exact details of the different species here so put (type?) when in doubt and in case anyone can enlighten me

Above: "Giant Kingfisher".
This Large chap looks like a cartoon version where his head is too large for his body and body is too large for his legs. But he looks like he means business, He was massive - about 8" or 9" tall. He ignored me, intently spying out his next meal, then after a minute or so was gone . (Crocodiles were in the water below too).
Above: A tiny "African Scops Owl . 17cm tall. Eats insects and spiders mainly.

Above: Cormorant type? bird.

Above: Brown Snake Eagle?

Above: Glossy Blue Starlings

Above: Hoopoe

Hornbill ("Grey" I think?)

Above: "Striped Kingfisher"

Above: Myna bird

Above: Colourful Swallow


  1. Oh wow! What fantastic photos! That owl! I love it! (I'm still looking for the elusive little owl) I would love to spot one of these. What kind of camera do you use? I'm thinking of buying a new one which I can take better photos of birds with. Aren't those starlings beautiful? And the kingfishers! Well all of them really! It makes me want to get on a plane to S.A. Really enjoyed seeing these photos. Thanks for posting them.

  2. Thanks Lesley. One amazing bird I didn't get was the Blue Roller, or lilac roller, or something. it was like a flying flash of metallic shimmer.
    I use a Panasonic Lumix FZ20 with 12x zoom lens. I'll send you some camera info .......

  3. WOW! Lovely pictures, came across you on Lesley's blog in the comments section and thought I'd take a look. Was so pleased I did! Amazing photography, will be getting a digital camera in the new year myself and am hoping to get some quality pics to blog. So any tips for the future would be useful!

    Gromit :o)