Saturday, May 26, 2007

"JONATHAN FARR" Portrait. Oil on board 35cm x 31cm.
Jonathan and I painted each other in a quick painting session in January. It was a tricky arrangement as we were both moving all the time, making it difficult and the result seemed unsatisfactory. Looking at it now it seems a reasonable likeness although he said I made him look older - definitely a valid criticism - Oh dear! (also someting about it looks vaguely Red Indian. )


  1. Hi Andrew, I LOVE this painting. The colours in the face are beautiful and the loose marks. It's really great. Obviously I can't say if it looks like him but I can appreciate it as a painting.

  2. Thanks Lesley. It does look like Jonathan - reasonably - for such a quick sketch. (he was having a bad hair day!) The colours are unusual for me. I really enjoy doing portraits and aim to do more. It is important to work from life, and finding time is the problem. I seem to remember you did some good ones of your family.