Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A long holiday from blogging but I want to get it lively again. Went to Bath a few weeks ago and had about 20 minutes free to draw so tried something architectural, the Pulteney Bridge - it is in a small Moleskin drawing book and done with chunky new propelling drawing impliment which doesn't smudge easily and which, I think, will prove really useful in time. Methinks the drawing looks rather unfinished on the right (where there was a scrawny spreading tree).
Feel this blog has gone slightly awry as it is meant to be about 'Painting' but glass and drawings are getting onboard. I'll try and rectify the situation soon.


  1. Hi Andrew, it's good to see you're back blogging. Did you really do that drawing in 20 minutes? That's really impressive!

  2. Hi Lesley, Thanks for calling by. Well I think close on 20mins. You know how it is when drawing ..... one looses sense of time. It was nice to do something different.